Kumary Radhakrishnan

Practice Manager Castle Hill Diagnostics
Graduated from University of Sydney with a Degree in Radiography in 1998 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Sonography in 2007.Gained vast amount of experience which ranges from employment at one of the major Tertiary Hospitals such as Liverpool Hospital as well as various private practices. Began working at Liverpool Hospital as a radiographer for over 15 years, followed by an extensive amount of training in General Ultrasound and thus became a General Sonographer with special interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G). This lead to be head hunted by Sydney Ultrasound for Women (4 Years) and hence was able to further develop O&G experience. This experience secured me the sonographer position at the Foetal Maternal unit (FMU) at the hospital, where I was highly involved in assisting Obstetricians with various research activities, training student Sonographers, as well as O&G Registrars, in addition to scanning high risk pregnancies for another 5 years.
Upon satisfactory experiences in O&G work, I then started working at Spectrum medical imaging (4 years) and at Specialist Medical Imaging (6 years), which was part of Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI), in order to fine tune all other areas of Sonography. Teaching Obstetrics to qualified Sonographers in order to improve their scanning efficiency in Obstetrics and training student sonographers has become my primary responsibility. After achieving excellence in my field, I took on a management role and chief sonography position at Castle Hill Diagnostics, where I am currently based, and have been for the past 2+ years. Working in private practice allows me to engage with patients and be benevolent in fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of my chosen profession
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