Dr Suchitra Mantrala

Consultant Radiologist
Dr Suchitra Mantrala (Suchi for short) is a specialist Radiologist who practices in all areas of Radiology as well as having a subspecialty interest in Breast Imaging. After completing her years as a Junior Medical Officer in various hospitals in Sydney, she gained entrance to and completed the Radiology specialist training program with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists. During her training, she completed a Breast Imaging subspeciality where she gained experience in breast-related imaging and procedures such as breast biopsies and hookwire localisation. Dr Mantrala currently works in a mix of tertiary teaching hospitals and private practice, maintaining a wide range of experience in her radiology practice.

She is also keen on mentoring young doctors; particularly young women who wish to specialise in radiology and find the right work-life balance for themselves. Dr Mantrala believes in treating the person and not just the ailment, an approach that she embodies in her daily life.

Dr Mantrala enjoys reading books, travelling, painting and spending time with her family and friends.

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